May BoxyCharm Unboxing

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far! I finally received my boxycharm for the month of May and will be going though the products inside. If you guys don’t know, Boxycharm is a $21 a month beauty subscription service which sends 4/5 FULL SIZE items each month. The best part is the box is usually over $100 in value, which is amazing considering you only pay $21. I would definitely check them out if you want to try new products, discover new brands, or just build up your make up collection. 

The first product in this month’s box is the “Highlight & Contour Palettefrom the brand IBY Beauty and retails for $40. This palette contains 6 shades, 3 highlight shades and 3 contour shades. The mirror in the palette is a pretty decent size and isn’t that bad in quality at all! I haven’t used this yet, but just from swatching it, it felt really smooth and blended out on my wrist easily. The shades aren’t extremely pigmented which is nice for a contour palette since you don’t wanna go in super heavy to begin with! 

The next product in this month’s Boxycharm is the “Round Contour Brush” by Crown Brushes. This brush retails for $24.99! This brush is a collaboration with Boxycharm so I’m not sure if it is limited edition or for how long it will be available. This brush is very similar to the Artis Brushes and are that paddle style. It also included a cover for the brush. I don’t have any brushes like this, so I’m very excited to try it out! It is SUPER soft. I know it is a “contour brush” but I would probably use this for blending out my foundation and appling products that are more of a liquid form. 

Next up in the box is the Brow Brush” by The BrowGal and costs $14. I have used the clear brow gel from The BrowGal but haven’t tried any of their other products! I don’t use brow products often as my natural eye brows are pretty full and have a good shape, clear gel is as far as I’ll go just to tame them. However this brush is very nice. It is double sided with a spoolie on one side and a small angled brush on the other. Both sides of the brush are very durable yet soft and get the job done. Even though I don’t do my eyebrows daily, I can definitely find some use for this! 

The next product is meant to go with the eye brow brush, it is The Convertible Brow which is also from The BrowGal. This product is $35 and is pretty unique. It is meant to be a universal palette with 3 shades you can mix and match. The reason why this product is so interesting is because it is a powder but doubles as a brow pomade when wet. I have dark hair so I can’t speak for others with lighter shades, but based off the swatches, the powder in the convertible brow seems light enough to suit a variety of hair colors. I haven’t swatched these powders wet to see how they perform as a pomade but I imagine that it gives you darker pigmentation and overall a different formula to work with. As I said, I don’t normally do my brows at all but this is definitely a cool product to test out and have on hand for if I ever need to do brows on myself or someone else.

The last product in this month’s box is the Liquid Glowfrom the brand Temptu retailing for $29.50. This product is another collaboration with Boxycharm so again, I am not sure how long it will be avaible or what. Some of you may know Temptu is an airbrush brand but you don’t need to have an airbrush machine in order to use this. Simply just shake well and apply it to the back of your hand then apply wherever you want to shimmer. This product is not only a highlighter but can be mixed into your foundation for a more glowy, luminous look. This is SUCH a pretty sheer gold color, swatching it you can see it is somewhat intense but I’m sure with a light hand a little can go a long way! 

The overall value of this month’s Boxycharm is $141.49! This is amazing because again, you’re only paying $21. Thank you guys so much for taking the time out to read my post! In the comments down below let me know what your favorite subscription service is? 




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