Boxy Charm | June 2017

Hey guys, 

I hope you all had a great week! Today I received my June BoxyCharm in the mail, which means it is time for me to share what I got in my box with you and give you my first impression review on the products! If you guys are new to my blog or don’t know what BoxyCharm is, it’s a $21 a month beauty subscription service which sends you 4-5 FULL SIZE beauty products. This box is super affordable, especially because you get over $100 worth of products inside the box. It’s a great way to build up your make up collection or just try out new products and brands.

Let me first start off by telling you guys this month’s box did not disappoint. 

The first item in my box was from the brand Real Her, this brand has been featured in BoxyCharm before. They are very into women empowerment and have a great meaning behind their products. This month I got the Real Her Do Your Squats eyeshadow palette. This product was one of the three eyeshadow palettes subscribers could’ve received from the brand, every so often boxy will vary products within their boxes (different color palettes, lipsticks, etc.) I am so happy with the variation I got as this palette couldn’t be more perfect for me. If you’ve been around my blog for awhile, you know I love my neutrals, this palette is the perfect “basic” palette with everyday colors which is great because I can see myself using it a lot. The packaging is a thick cardboard which I like because it feels very sturdy and there is a mirror inside which is very convenient for travel. While the palette is mostly shimmers there are a few mattes to create a very basic and easy look. The shadows swatched nice but definitely seem like the kind of shadow you will need to build up. I can not wait to create a look with this palette and use the beautiful shimmers limitless and bodacious (living for those shades).

Real Her Eyeshadow Palette: $28.00

You guys also know that I love sheet masks, so I was VERY excited to receive a set of three Biobelle sheet masks! I have used Biobelle before and they are one of my favorite sheet mask brand (I know they can be found at Ulta). The three masks I got were the #StayGorgeous mask for hydration and nourishment, the #BeautyScoop mask for minimizing fine lines, and the one I am most excited to try, the #Primer mask for prepping the skin for makeup application. Of course using a face mask primer isn’t ideal for daily makeup application but it is for sure an interesting concept and could be good for special occasions such as, proms and weddings. These sheet masks are great and super affordable ($4.99), if you guys haven’t tried them I would recommend them for sure. 

Set Of Three Face Masks: $14.97

Box Total: $42.97

The next product in my box was Artist Couture’s Diamond Glow Powder in the shade illuminati. I would compare the packaging of this product to a loose setting powder, it comes in a little container with a sifter. The powder can be a little messy because of how it’s packaged or if you tap off your brush prepare for glitter to fly. This is really great for highlighting wheather it’s your face or body. It is very finely milled glitter and it looks beautiful on the skin. Because this powder is so fine I wasn’t able to photograph a swatch that would do it any justice, since this could be applied sheer or heavy, the best way to describe it is a beautiful natural gold color. It will truly make you glow. 

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder: $26.99

Box total: $69.96

Next up in the June box is a long lasting liquid lipstick from Ofra in the shade Tuscany. I was very excited to try out an Ofra liquid lip since I hear AMAZING things about them all the time, because if this I tried it on immediately and it felt great on my lips! I don’t think this specific color dried down completely matte, it was more of a satin finish but it was extremely comfortable and almost felt like I had nothing on my lips. I also love this color, I saw swatches online and was a little bit nervous because every swatch looked complete different. I don’t like to stray from my mauve, light nudey pinks, and nude natural lip colors, but I think this is the perfect color if you’re into natural but want a little more color and edge. This color is a brownish pinky red, on my lips it looked very subtle in some lights and a little darker in others. I definitely am more into this color than I thought I would be and I will definitely be purchasing more lip products from Ofra in the future.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick: $19.90

Box Total: $89.86

The last product in the box that I was super excited to get my hands on was the Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 from Luxie Beauty. Another favorite beauty product of mine is make up brushes! I have heard amazing things about Luxie Brushes and I could see why as soon as I took it out of the box. This particular brush was such a cute baby pink color and the brush itself was SO soft. Brushes like this are great because the serve multiple purposes, you can use this specific brush to brush away powder, highlight, and even apply blush. I have not used this yet since it was a little bent up from being in the box so I have to wash it and get its shape back. I can not wait to test this out right away and see how it applies different make up products. 

Pro Precision Tapered Luxie Brush: $24.00


This months BoxyCharm was amazing! BoxyCharm never really disappoints me and is always sending me products I love, products I have been wanting to try, or products I would never normally buy for myself. A little bit of everything. I was excited all the products in this box! I would 100% reccomend getting this if you are a makeup lover or just wanna try something new. It’s a great way to treat yourslef too! ☺️

If you guys already subscribe to BoxyCharm let me know in the comments down below what your favorite product in the June Box was!?




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